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10.2020     November 16-23 | VIRTUAL ART BOOK FAIR TOKYO

03.2020     March 5 - 20 | DOUBLE DUTCH | MATERIAL, Zürich | works / books / editions by Erik Kessels and Chantal Rens

12.2019     December 8 | Beurs van Bijzondere Uitgevers | Paradiso, Amsterdam | 13:00-17:00

12.2019    December 1 | The other book fair | the grey space in the middle, Paviljoensgracht 20, Den Haag | 11:00-18:00

11.2019     A GLITCH Library | Photo Vogue Festival 2019 | 14-18 November at Base Milano 

COMMON SENSE IS A HUNGRY BITCH is one of 28 photobooks that have been selected for this exhibition.

20.09.2019     The 14th NY Art Book Fair is taking place this weekend at MoMa PS1. Printed Matter's booth presents dozens of unique publications and editions specially selected for this year's fair. 'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY' can be found here too!

14.09.2019     Asama International Photo Festival | PHOTO MIYOTA 

'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY' is featured at Asama International Photo festival.

17.05.2019     Zine Archive Photobookshow in Brighton (one night only)

When: 6pm on the 17th May 2019
Where: 3 Jew Street, Brighton

Participants: Aya Takada, Joan Alexander, Alex Bailey & Helen Flanagan, Scott Caruth, Pogobooks, Carl Gunhouse, Yoshikatsu Fujii, Liana Yang, Luke Hamblin, Bojan Radovic, Maira Soares, We Are Yes, Craig Atkinson, Jessica Mallock, Jackie Batey, Diane Bielik, Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin, Savezine Collective, Pere Saguer, Lea Habourdin, Renato Abenavoli, Jože Suhadolnik, Valentina Abenavoli, Ginevra Shay, Slide Projector, Sarah Amy Fishlock/ Alan Knox/ Claire Maxwell/ Kate Oldham/ Kirsty Mackay/ Veronica Melendez, Egidija Ciricaite, George Cullen, Chris Gibson, Gummbah + Chantal Rens, Carlos Cancela, Roberto Boccaccino, Chloe Newman, Maria Olivares Alfaro, Elisavet Tamouridou, Esther S White & Trevor Powers, Homer Sykes, Lena Guimont, Trine Stephensen and Elevine Berge, Tetsuro Goto/後藤鐵郎, Ayumi Goromaru, Misaki Kase, Sachiko Kawanabe, Pierre Liebaert, Yuchen Yang, Stacy Kranitz, Enric Montes, Carles Palacio, Jagoda Wisniewska & Ania, Mokrzycka, Rick Hekman, Heather McDonough, Bridgette Ashton, Carlos Loret de Mola, Matilda Skelton Mace, Estela Sanchis, Maki Hayashida / 林田真季, Marco van Duyvendijk, Pere Saguer, Ania Mokrzycka, Martin Seeds, Grainne Quinlan, Leanne Cunningham, Yuki Shimizu / 清水裕貴, Liana Yang, Landry A, Dave Kent, Oliver Udy, Alan Hunter, William Sadowski, Rosaline Shahnavaz, Kirill Golovchenko, Erik van der Weijde, Eclisse #1, Loren Lazic-Duffy, Heather McDonough, Melissa Campbell, Krasimira Butseva, Victoria Kvochur, Kevin Beck, Tomohiro Davies Matsuda, Ian Caulkett.

05.2019     Gent Art Book Fair GABF18 | May 11-12, Kunsthal Gent  


'COMMON SENSE IS A HUNGRY BITCH' and 'Various Animals' have been selected for this year's PHOTO BOOK EXHIBITION of FOTO WIEN and will be displayed at the festival centre from March 20th until April 6th 2019.


02.02.2019     ART IS NOT A SERIOUS STUFF. ERIK KESSELS IN CONVERSATION WITH CHANTAL RENS. Part of Fruit exhibition, Sala Conferenze, Palazzo Isolani. Also that day: Art Tattoo shop | more info.....

11.2018     Various Animals now in store at ArtisBOOKshop, Groningen, Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam and Tipi Bookshop, Brussels.


11.2018     MATERIAL | PANTOFLE BOOKS at Kunsthalle, Zurich. 

10.2018      COMMON SENSE IS A HUNGRY BITCH spotted in Tokyo (at Utrecht).

10.2018     ARTisBOOK | Week v/h KunstenaarsBoek (WKB18) van 13 t/m 20 oktober op 25 verschillende locaties in Groningen. Diverse Pantofle Books boeken zijn vanaf deze week verkrijgbaar bij de ARTisBOOKshop, Pelsterstraat 27-29, Groningen. 

 09.2018     XS BOOK FAIR presented by UTRECHT and Seikosha A book fair gathering small zines and books in A6 size (148x105mm) or smaller. 

Each UTRECHT and Seikosha invite artists to make and/or provide their own XS (=extra small) Books. The books will be presented at both UTRECHT and Seikosha this fall.  UTRECHT : September 11-26, 2018 | launch Various Animals by Chantal Rens

Seikosha : October 16 -30, 2018 

The books will also be presented at UTRECHT booth at the following art book fairs: NY ART BOOK FAIR 2018 (New York) Unlimited Edition 10 (Seoul). 

Participating Artists: Kazunari Hattori / Ken Kagami / Mame Ikeda / Futoshi Miyagi / Yosuke Wainai / guse ars / Akira Mzumoto / Masanao Hirayama / Chantal Rens / 100%ORANGE / Ai Akiyama / Takashi Homma / Teppei Nomoto / Lee Kan Kyo / STOMACHACHE. / Takahiro Iikawa / Shimon Minamikawa / Stefan Marx / IN/SECTS ZINE / All you can eat press / Ayako Nagaoka / Benjamin Sommerhalder (Nieves) / fumiko imano / Mina Tabei / Kentaro Nakamura / Arisa Nakakiya and Yuki Yamagami / Philippe Weisbecker. 

23.09.2018     Libération  -  Art / Impairs de ciseaux by Clémentine Mercier 

 (…) And how to resist the hilarious collages of the Dutch Chantal Rens? A man who puts his nose in the coat of a cat (photo above), a child who hits sausages or a bather who serves as a perch for a parrot are the protagonists of his visual saraband. She has just self-published a collection of collages called Common Sense Is a Hungry Bitch. (…) © Clémentine Mercier / Libération  Read on....

09.2018     COMMON SENSE IS A HUNGRY BITCH on display at the RE_PLAY Photography exhibition | La Frontiera, Paris. 

08.2018     Various Animals at the printers 

07.2018     COMMON SENSE IS A HUNGRY BITCH is now in store at Printed Matter. Printed Matter, Inc., 231 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10001. Open daily from 11 am.“Common Sense is a Hungry Bitch collects an array of collage work by Chantal Rens, striking and uncanny interventions that challenge what you’re seeing. The warm and weathered quality of the images from mid-century vernacular source material lull the viewer into a certain comfort, the nostalgic tint of Life magazine or a family photo album torn and pasted into jarring contortions of people, animals, and scenery that are swapped amongst themselves, irrevocably mixed-up. Surrounding the collage images are carefully juxtaposed spot colors that enhance this familiar yet uncomfortable tone and bring you deeper into spreads where each image begs a double-take.”

— Printed Matter, Inc.

Chantal Rens’ Common Sense is a Hungry Bitch is a hardbound book of Rens’ subtly surreal collages. Set against bright, glossy pages, most the collages do not try and camouflage themselves—they are obvious cuts and pastes that destabilize scenes of domesticity. The photos Rens uses feel like part of a time capsule, a family photo album of relatives and pets and food uncovered and manipulated by an exacting hand. Unsettling and sometimes nearly undetectable, Rens’ collages make Common Sense the record of an alternate, beautiful, and disjointed reality.

— Printed Matter, Inc.

26.06.2018      COMMON SENSE IS A HUNGRY BITCH – the book – now in store at the wonderfull Boekie Woekie, books by artists ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Berenstraat 16, Amsterdam. Open daily from 12-6.

Many different images have been combined to create new, unusual and often hilarious scenes in this collection of collaged photographs, reproduced in full colour, offset printed, hard cover with dust jacket, 98 not numbered pages, 21,5 x 15 cm, numbered/500, monogrammed, (Tilburg) 2018.  — Boekie Woekie

25.05.2018     COMMON SENSE IS A HUNGRY BITCH - the book + special edition now online.

05.2018      COMMON SENSE IS A HUNGRY BITCH coming out end of May 2018!

02.05.2018      offset printing a new book COMMON SENSE IS A HUNGRY BITCH by Chantal Rens | today at Drukkerij Tielen  

11.2017     Check out edcat | great place to browse and share books.

11.2017     MATERIAL | PANTOFLE BOOKS at Volumes, Zurich 

03.2017      ‘YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT’S GROOVY’ featured in the latest issue of IMA magazine (Vol.19).

19.01.2017     Nobody Loves Me featured in "Die Zeit"  

IMA magazine, Vol. 18, Winter Issue 2016 'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY' selected by Erik Kessels as one of the best photobooks of 2016.  

17.12.2016     PANTOFLE BOOKS now available at Tenderbooks, London.  11.12.2016     Beurs van Bijzondere Uitgevers, Paradiso, Amsterdam.  

09.12.2016     Friends With Books Art Book Fair Berlin Hamburger Bahnhof, 9-11 December. 

19.11.2016     PANTOFLE BOOKS nu verkrijgbaar in Tilburg bij Boekhandel Livius de Zevensprong!

15.10.2016     3rd Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair, Antwerp, 10:00 - 18:00.  

09.09-11.09.2016     WIELS ART BOOK FAIR Opening 09.09.2016 18:00-21:00 open: Saturday 10.09 - Sunday 11.09 11:00-18:00. WIELS organises a fair in which artists, publishers and collectors offer art books, artists’ books, photo books, catalogues, periodicals and other printed matter on display and sale to the public. 

09.2016      YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT’S GROOVY spotted at the New York Art Book Fair (Printed Matter booth)

30.08.2016     17 Stories of One Sentence now available at BOEKIE WOEKIE (BOOKS BY ARTISTS AMSTERDAM). 

23.7.2016     Pantofle Books have arrived at PhotoQ Bookshop, Amsterdam (NL). Cheers!

"This book might become the most hilarious book published in 2016. Dutch artist Chantal Rens (1981) made collages showing all kinds of animals carrying on their back glasses of different alcoholic beverages. Simple, yet very well executed." — Edie Peters, PhotoQ Bookshop 

22.7.2016     FRESH FROM THE PRESS! New book: 17 Stories of One Sentence by Gummbah - a collection of one sentence-stories. 

 29.6.2016     Pantofle Books have arrived at UTRECHT bookstore, Tokyo.11-12.06.2016     Zine & Self-Published Photo Book Fair at Baxter St at The Camera Club of New York. Curated by Anouk Kruithof. 'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY' has been selected for this fair

26 May 2016    Our books 'Busted' and 'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY' are now available at Printed Matter, New York. 20-22 May 2016     OFFPRINT LONDON at Turbine Hall, Tate Modern London. Flanders Arts Institute and Mondriaan Fund present a selection of forty recent and special art(its') books from Flanders and the Netherlands. 'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY' is part of the selection and present on their table (#42-44 Flanders Arts Institute & Mondriaan Fund).  

05.2016      YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT’S GROOVY now available at Printed Matter, New York.

Recent arrival with very long title: You Run Around Town Like a Fool and You Think That It’s Groovy by Chantal Rens presents collages of wild and domesticated animals with beverages balanced on their backsides. Published by @pantoflebooks in Tilburg. Edition of 500. 

6-7 May 2016     GHENT ART BOOK FAIR | following the successful debut of the GHENT ART BOOK FAIR in May 2015, 019, Be-Part Platform voor actuele kunst and RIOT present the second edition of the GHENT ART BOOK FAIR. Location: DOK-NOORD 5L, 9000 Ghent. In the rough-and-tumble docks of Ghent the fair will showcase contemporary art books by more than 45 (inter)national publishers (...)  

9-10 April 2016     Zine Happening II - Pantofle Books will take part in the second edition of Les VoiZines' zine fest | loads of zines, vegan food, fair trade drinks and a mini expo by Inka Leontine. Location: Ferdinand Lousbergskaai 101 Gent, Belgium. 

1 April 2016     All our books and some buttons now available at Tique, Antwerp. 

Tique is an art organisation with a magazine, an exhibition space and an office for art and cultural projects. 

30 maart 2016     'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY' & 'Busted' nu verkrijgbaar in de shop van LhGWR in Den Haag. 

14 March 2016     All our books are now available at Boekie Woekie - BOOKS BY ARTISTS AMSTERDAM - open daily from 12 to 6 pm. 

22 February 2016     gabrielacendoya | Gabriela Cendoya-Bergareche on 'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY'.

"You run around town like a fool and you think that it’s groovy  es una muy divertida colección de collages, perfecta para empezar la semana. (...) Aquí presenta una serie de fotografías de animales en una vena entre surrealista y absurda, que nos recuerda el trabajo de lo que podríamos llamar una escuela holandesa, entre Ruth van Beek,  Paul Kooiker, o el propio Erik Kessels. La fauna de Chantal Rens es variada, desde perros ( muchos ) hasta serpientes o peces. Variada como la fauna que suele frecuentar  diversos actos sociales o culturales como inauguraciones de exposiciones o ferias de arte.Y es que la bebida social es una parte importante de esos encuentros culturales. La critica es amable pero imparable. Los animales lucen sus mejores galas con la copa puesta…El conjunto es hilarante, y bienvenido en época de ferias anunciadas o inminentes… y también de crisis de la fotografía o del fotolibro. Nuestros animales favoritos, tan presentes en las redes sociales, son buenos testigos de nuestras inclinaciones. Pero sigue siendo tan excitante ( groovy ) ir de exposición en exposición?" (read on...)

18 February 2016     'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY' now available at Boekie Woekie, Berenstraat 16, Amsterdam. The artist-run bookstore for books by artist. 

14 February 2016     Fotoboek! Nutshuis, Den Haag - on the 4th edition of Fotoboek! PANTOFLE BOOKS will launch a new book: 'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY' by Chantal Rens. You are kindly invited to attend this event.  30 January 2016     new book 'YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY' by Chantal Rens in progress at Tielen, Boxtel.  

14-21 December 2015     Merry X-mas offer this week in our webshop: FREE SHIPPING (worldwide) use promo code XMAS 

 11-13 December 2015     Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin. 

19-22 November 2015     Bergen Art Book Fair 


PANTOFLE BOOKS PROMO by Leonard Bedaux Cinema

October 17, 2015     visit Pantofle Books at the Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair (2de edition) Saturday the 17th of October from 10:00-18:00. Location: De Lange Zaal, Venusstraat 34b, 2000 Antwerp. 

September 11-13, 2015     WIELS Art Book Fair Opening Friday 18:00-21:00 Saturday and Sunday 11:00-18:00 Location: WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre, Avenue Van Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Brussels.  

05.2015      Offprint London, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London.

06.2015      I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel  

06.04.2015      Pantofle Books at SPEECH, het Bos Antwerp.  

05.2015      Sequence 1 – Nederlandse kunstenaarsboeken in internationaal perspectief. 

Chantal Rens is queen of the collage ! Cutting up images and piecing them together is too simple a description here. Witty and thought-provoking, as are her epithets, or titles that accompany each image. (...) underbelly soundartmedia

05.2015      Pantofle Books are now included in AAP - Archive Artist Publications by Hubert Kretschmer.  

05.04.2015      Mainzer Minpressen-Messe, Rheingoldhalle Mainz

25.03.2015      Het Nieuwscentrum signaleert (25 maart 2015) Busted bewierookt als zijnde een "één onderwerp wonder"(!):

"Deze publicatie valt eigenlijk eerder onder de sectie kunstenaarsboekjes dan onder de tijdschriften. Busted is de eerste uitgave van Pantofle Books en is in een oplage van 500 genummerde exemplaren verschenen. Gummbah doet wat hij altijd doet, de kijker/lezer ontregelen en amuseren. Het boekje vertelt het verhaal van de flegmatieke jailbird Jo van der A, zijn overleden stief-grootmoeder." 

24.03.2015     Busted spotted in Mest #9  

23.03.2015      Pantofle BOOKS sticker spotted (photo: Herman Hemelgaarde)

22.03.2015      Pantofle BOOKS have arrived at Tique, check! 

07.03.2015      Busted is vanaf nu verkrijgbaar bij Lambiek, Kerkstraat 132, Amsterdam. 

27.02.2015      Busted available at Boekie Woekie (BOOKS BY ARTISTS) Berenstraat 16, Amsterdam. — bij Boekie Woekie. 

12.02.2015      Pantofle Books at In BAF, Rotterdam